Hilow Angus Heading

Freezer Beef

We are pleased to be attending the Regina Farmer‘s Market for the 10th year.  You can find our booth on the south side of 12th Avenue near Cornwall Street.

Dan, Erin and Cassidy Howell at Regina Farmer’s Market

Products we offer:
lean ground beef
hamburger patties
stewing beef
beef sausage
soup/pet bones

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We own and operate Hi Low Angus 60 km northwest of Regina along the Qu’Appelle Valley.  We are expecting 140 calves this spring.  We grow a variety of grains.

Our family has been raising Angus cattle since 1980.  We raise purebred Black Angus cattle - selling some bulls and females for breeding stock and those animals which are not sold for breeding purposes are finished for freezer beef.

In the spring of 2008 we became members of the Regina Farmer’s Market to raise the profile of our freezer beef business.

Our customers at the market are very interested in our products and I would like to share with you a number of frequently asked questions (FAQs) which occur at the market.

FAQ � Are you the actual farmer?
Yes, and we are proud to offer you only products that we raise or grow.

FAQ � What do you feed your animals?
We grow most of the grains and forage that our animals eat.  Newborn calves spend their first 7-8 months with their mothers nursing and grazing our native and tame pastures.  The calves are weaned from their mothers in October and November and introduced to rolled oats and grass hay.  After the calves have adapted to this oat/hay ration barley is added to the ration.  The steers and heifers we use in our freezer beef business have access to as much hay as they want.

FAQ � Do you feed corn?

FAQ � Do you use growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics in the feed?
No, No, and No

FAQ � Are your products organic?
No, the grains we fed our animals are grown with the support of synthetic fertilizers to add nutrients for plant growth and herbicides to control weeds.  Our animals are also given a product once a year to control internal and external parasites.  Antibiotics are used occasionally if an animal is sick and quits eating.

FAQ � How are your animals processed?
We partner with 3 local, provincially health inspected processors.  The beef is cooled and aged for at least 14 days before being cut and wrapped.

FAQ � Do you come to every market date?
No, we value the interaction with our customers and want to be the marketers of our products, but found attending every market did not allow enough time in a week to effectively get the farm work done.  We are able to attend half of the summer and indoor fall market dates.  We also post on our Facebook Hi Low Angus page our upcoming markets.

FAQ � Where else can we get your products?
We do deliveries throughout the year.  You can order by phone 731-2940 or by e-mail hilowangus@sasktel.net