Hilow Angus Heading

Hilow Titan 13P

Hilow Titan 13P

     Chico Hannibal 43H
Sire: Isla Bank Titan 148
     Isla Bank Pride 11G

     Peak Dot Profit 11C
Dam: Hilow Heather 23E
     Hilow Heather 25W

Hilow Titan 13P was the high selling bull in the 2005 Triple A Bull Sale purchased by Bell Angus.  We purchased a half interest back in the bull.  He has slightly more frame than our Peak Dot New Trend 74M and Hilow Right Time 38F bulls.  He has extremely good top to him and you will not find a bull in the Angus breed with better hip and quarter.  His muscle extends farther down than any other Angus bull I have seen.   He had a scrotal circumference of 40cm at 13 months of age.  Ken has some good bull calves on the ground from him this year and the cows bred to him here will start calving soon.

BW WW YW Milk TM SC CE REA C.Wt Marb Fat
EPD +5.1 +34 +60 +25 +42 +0.94 -6.0 +0.05 +14 +0.10 -0.036
Acc 79 70 52 52 - 51 39 18 45 19 13