Hilow Angus Heading

Hilow Super X 37N

Hilow Super X 37N

     Hyline WMR Super X 502
Sire: McBee WMR Super X 745
     Hyline Pride 883

     Hilow Rocket 41B
Dam: Hilow Eston Anne 44D
     Royal Eston Anne 34N

Hilow Super X 37N was retained to be used in our own herd for three reasons.  First, his mother was one of our top producers.  Secondly, his pedigree is a total outcross to the mainstream Angus.   Lastly as an experiment to see how difficult it would be to calve out a bull with a 110lb birthweight.   We are now calving out his third crop of calves with only one calving casualty, an 83lb heifer calf was stillborn.  One loss in over seventy calvings.  In my opinion, far too much emphasis is on birthweight as opposed to calving-ease.  Hilow Super X 37N is the longest spined bull we have ever used, hence his birthweight.

BW WW YW Milk TM SC CE REA C.Wt Marb Fat
EPD +4.6 +26 +44 +15 +28 +0.66 -3.0 +0.06 +4 0.00 +0.044
Acc 67 55 39 34 - 27 35 22 36 19 17