Hilow Angus Heading

Peak Dot New Trend 74M

Peak Dot New Trend 74M

     LF New Trend 4100
Sire: SAR New Trend 4100
      Champion Hill Pocohontas

      HF Most Wanted 46H
Dam: Mayflower of Peak Dot 504K
     Mayflower of Peak Dot 907H

Peak Dot New Trend 74M was selected to breed heifers.  He has been used successfully for the past four years.   He is a moderate framed bull who maintains his body condition throughout the breeding season.  He is maybe the best footed bull we have ever used.  He sires light to moderate birthweight sons that have above average growth and well above average scrotal circumference.  His daughters are smaller framed females with tight udders and abundant milk.

BW WW YW Milk TM SC CE REA C.Wt Marb Fat
EPD +1.7 +43 +68 +15 +37 +0.28 +3.0 +0.18 +14 -0.07 -0.028
Acc 75 65 45 52 - 28 49 21 40 19 15